June 13, 2024

presidentsdoorIn the weeks since the sudden announcement of Laurie Joyner’s nearly immediate departure from the school’s presidency on Nov. 4, the school has proceeded with a vacancy in the position.
According to a statement from Chairman of the Wittenberg Board of Directors Thomas Murray given to the Springfield News-Sun, the board is looking to appoint an interim president in the next four to six weeks.
Richard Helton is visiting campus on Wednesday as a candidate for the interim position. Helton is the former President of Vincennnes University – a public university of about 4,500 students.
Helton is thought to be one of several potential candidates for the position.
While there is no defined time table for how long that interim will serve as president – according to Murray  the interim will serve until at least the end of the  spring semester.
There was no interim President between Joyner and Erikson – so the process is new to the University’s recent history. Bill Stinebrink was the last to serve as the University’s Interim President  prior to Erikson taking over the role.

1 thought on “Wittenberg moves forward with Presidency Vacant

  1. I hope that the Board of Directors will actively involve the Alumni Board members in the search and selection for the next Wittenberg president.

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