June 13, 2024

Tshirt Mockup Updog1Wittenberg junior Josh Marks is going above and beyond the “college experience.” While other students may occupy their time with sports, extra-curricular activities and Netflix binges, Marks is helping to run a company in another country.
“Updog Clothing is an e-commerce site based out of my hometown of Watford, England,” Marks said. “We rarely hold stock, which is great because the customer is put first that way. We don’t have dusty old Updog shirts laying around that we throw in a package and ship it. The clothes are ordered, embroidered and packaged to order.”
According to the official Updog website: “We want to help improve lives. Our aim is to clothe as many individuals in need as possible. For every item purchased, we ask you to send Updog Clothing an item of clothing that you no longer want. We then pass your donations to not-for-profits who deliver your donations worldwide.”
The Updog website encourages its users to donate any article of clothing he or she can, “from socks to jackets. All we ask is that the items are clean, without holes or rips in (no matter how fashionable they are).” These items are shipped to parts of the world where people are in desperate need, primarily focusing on the Ukraine and Lesotho, as of the date of this publication.
Marks’ father is the head owner of the company, while Marks is in charge of crafting the attire sold on the website, social media and the website itself with the help of four Wittenberg students, who help run a blog called “Upblog.”ZBo_mWz4
Marks hopes to watch the company grow through the help of Wittenberg students: “I just love the enthusiasm and support shown by students, professors, and faculty and staff,” he said. “All I ask is that people keep liking the Instagram posts and sharing Facebook updates. I read and acknowledge all feedback, positive and negative. That being said, those reading this can use the discount code ‘torch10’ to get 10% off any purchase over $40 for one week only. So get a friend or two to order with you and save some cash.”
Marks’ latest design, the Kennedy, is a hopeful inspiration: “It doesn’t feature our whole logo, but instead just the head of the dog with the phrase ‘I YAM WHAT I YAM’ around it,” he said. “Kind of encapsulating the idea of individualism and that it’s okay to be you. It was inspired by a lot of things and a lot of people, and I’m genuinely grateful for them in helping me realize what is important in life and what isn’t. Being you is what’s most important, regardless of what others think.”
As of the date of this publication, there have been just under 250 persons helped through Updog donations.

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