May 19, 2024

01/15/16 Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall in reference to an odor of marijuana. They could not locate an odor of marijuana, but did locate the smell of cigarette smoke coming from a room. They spoke to the residents who denied smoking in the room. The on-call dean was contacted and granted a room search. Officers searched and located a grinder, a photo container with marijuana residue inside, two joints and 12 oz. of a Vodka mixed drink in a water bottle. This incident has been referred to Student Development for further review.
01/16/16 Officers were dispatched to East College Avenue in reference to vandalism. Officers spoke to a non-student, who stated that at 1 a.m. she heard noise outside her door. She went outside, and found that an antique mirror stored under her porch had been broken. She did not see anyone break it, but she saw some people walking by her house.
01/16/16 Officers were working the basketball game at the HPERC building when they were alerted of a male who was using profanity. The man appeared to be intoxicated. Officers spoke to the man about his use of profanity, and he continued to use profanity. The man was escorted from the building to his car.
01/17/16 While investigating a suspicious person, officers noticed fresh damage on the van where the man was sleeping. Officers contacted SPD and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, and learned that there had not been any recent hit skip accidents. Officers documented the damage.
01/20/16 Officers were dispatched to West College Avenue in reference to a report of a possible attempted burglary. Officers spoke with a student, who advised that she had been asleep in her bedroom and was awakened by a noise on her front porch. She saw a person in front of her window, but her obstructed view prevented her from getting a complete description. Officers found foot prints leading from apartment to apartment. There were no physical signs of an attempted forced entry.

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