February 24, 2024

ValentinesheartbyPixabyValentine’s Day: for some, it’s a day filled with long letters and dramatic declarations of love; while for others, it’s a day of bitterness and longing. Every year when February rolls around, I can smell the desperation to not be alone on the fourteenth on everyone I pass. From long Facebook posts to the annoying ‘This could be us on Valentine’s Day’ posts on Instagram, people across the globe post their frustrations. But I’m here to tell you why it’s not that bad to be single on Valentine’s Day, and things you can and should do:
1. Celebrate yourself.
Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself. Pamper yourself with a lavish mani-pedi or staying home, ordering take-out and binge-watching every movie your celebrity crush has ever made. Or binge-watch a full season of your favorite TV show on Netflix.
2. Handle unfinished business.
If spoiling yourself isn’t for you, go the opposite direction and use the day to finish (or start) something you’ve been meaning to tackle. Secure that promotion you’re after at work, throw out some old clothes or rearrange your bookshelf by color.
3. Fall in love with something new.
Interested in taking up yoga? Want to learn how to dance? Wish you could cook? Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before or seldom get to do because of your schedule.
4. Share the love.
Studies show that kindness spreads, so start an epidemic. Give Valentine’s Day cards to those close to you, like your co-workers and friends, as well as those not so close to you, like the barista who serves you your coffee in Post or the people who cook your meals every day in the CDR.
5. Participate in a “Secret Valentine” with your friends.
Who needs a valentine when you and your girlfriends have each other? Round up your girls, draw names from a hat and buy whomever you draw a little something. Then, on V-Day, meet at a friend’s apartment to exchange gifts. Afterward, get all dolled up and enjoy a night out on the town.
6. Throw a party.
If gift-giving won’t go over with your group, invite your friends over to celebrate being fabulous all night long.
7. Figure out what you want out of love.
Even if you don’t want to right now or don’t believe it will ever happen, everyone, including you, can fall in love. And it usually happens when you least expect it. So take some time to write down a few love goals. Whether you want to remain single for 10 more years or want to start dating this month, that clarity makes it that much easier to get there.

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