June 18, 2024

Will some couples at Witt be making love faces much longer? Let’s hope yes, but these days around Witt, couples are having more and more problems in their relationship and the bad thing is its getting out to the campus, a very small campus at that.
I haven’t just heard this problem from one couple but from multiple couples. Like is it the New Year? Or is it not “cuffing season” at the moment? I mean it is cold outside; everybody wants someone to cuddle with. Then again, because Witt is so small it can definitely play a factor in a couple’s relationship.
We start to raise questions about if college is ruining young couple’s relationships. I would argue yes in a way because the average college student is BUSY and INVOLVED! It’s hard not to get involved in college with all the clubs and organizations going on, at least some will catch your eye. Then you have to balance that with  bio homework, test, quizzes and exams. How do you find time to give that one special person your time?
I’m not saying you can’t do it; it just makes relationships more challenging to continue. You get that one partner saying, “you’re too busy for me. I can’t do this,” which leads to insecurities, then to that person either cheating or feeling lonely. Then just like that it’s over.
Sometimes I feel that some students don’t understand the true meaning and reason that you get out of a relationship, I don’t either to be honest. We are all growing over these years and it’s so crucial that we get that proper growth mentally and find someone who can stimulate our minds.
Being in a relationship can help with that, it’s just when you get to a level where your serious it becomes too deep and a problem for some on our campus and other colleges as well.
I just feel that college makes it difficult to have a relationship and it starts to make the two love bugs go from best friends to enemies. So if you ask me how I feel about relationships in college, I will say I don’t like it and I don’t participate in acts as such.
This doesn’t mean that I don’t like couples who are in relationships; I personally have seen what it has done and let’s just say I don’t have time. On the bright side, if your relationship is going good, keep it steady; no need for me to scare you out of love.

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