June 13, 2024

02/21/2016 Officers were dispatched to Faculty Court in reference to a fight between two roommates. The students had been arguing over chores. One of the students became irate and struck the other student several times about the face with his fist. The dean on call was advised of the situation. The student who assaulted the other student went home. Photos and evidence was collected. This matter is being turned over to Student Development for further investigation.
02/22/2016 Officers met with a student on W. College St. concerning a burglary which occurred on Saturday night between 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. The student advised that an unknown individual broke his east bedroom window and gained access to his room. The student advised that he was missing a large sum of money and the box where it was stored. Photos were taken of the scene, and Physical Plant was contacted to fix the window.
02/22/2016 While investigating the burglary on W. College St., officers observed a hookah and a large amount of empty alcohol bottles strewn around the student’s room. The student was advised that the dean staff may be contacting him to speak about the violations. This has been referred to the dean’s office for review.
02/24/2016 Officers were dispatched to Krieg Hall in reference to a report of flooding on the fourth floor. Water had soaked the carpet from the west end of the building towards the east and stopped near room 404. A toilet in the men’s restroom created the flooding. It did not appear to be an intentional act. Physical Plant and WFF were contacted. Photos were taken and attached to this report.
02/24/2016 Officers were dispatched to Weaver Chapel for a report of property damage. It appeared as though the roof was leaking in room 1 through a light fixture. Water had covered all the desks in the room. WFF was on scene, and Physical Plant was contacted. Photos were taken and attached to the report.
02/24/2016 While conducting a building check of Thomas Library, officers found a new leak on the third floor near the breezeway bridge. The carpet was wet, the ceiling tile under the leak was soggy and beginning to come out of the ceiling. Photos were taken.

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