July 14, 2024

03/14/2016 Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of W. College Ave. in reference to broken windows. A student stated that the front window and the back window of his house were intact when everyone left for spring break. When they returned, they found that the front left window was broken and the rear bathroom window had been taken out. The back bathroom window is Plexiglas and was sitting in the bathroom. Physical Plant was notified. There are no known suspects at this time.
03/15/2016 Officers were dispatched to the 500 block. of N. Wittenberg Ave. in reference to a damaged vehicle. The student stated that she was unable to open her sunroof on her 2007 Infiniti M. She checked her sunroof and noticed footprints on her trunk and top of her vehicle with a dent by the sunroof. Photos were submitted for this incident.
03/17/2016 Officers were dispatched to the Student Center in reference to a student passed out by the northwest door. The student denied having anything to drink, but when he spoke, his words were slurred, he had an odor of alcohol upon his person and his eyes were glassy. Medic 7 transported the student to Springfield Regional Medical Center for observation. Video of the contact was submitted. This case has been referred to Student Development.
03/17/2016 Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Faculty Court for a broken window. A student stated that an east side double pane window had been broken by an orange. Photographs were taken of the scene. Dispatch made contact with Physical Plant, and they were going to have someone respond to repair the window.
03/18/2016 Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall in reference to an active fire alarm. The alarm panel read sixth floor lounge. Upon entering the sixth floor, the entire area was filled with smoke. The Fire Division determined the source of the smoke was the heating unit inside the lounge. A fireman advised the boiler engine inside of the heating unit “burnt out.” The unit was disconnected and Physical Plant was called.

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