May 22, 2024

What is your opinion on the Health Center contraception issue?
“I think the point of college is to gain a better understanding of yourself and to learn how to take care of yourself, and if you make certain decisions that require you to use [contraception], then they should be able to have a place that is tangible to everyone . . . most people do not have cars.” — Kamyia Fletcher ’17
“Obviously, people need them for more than sexual reasons. I myself am on birth control for health reasons.” — Victoria Ladipo ’19
“I think it is very irresponsible because there are so many females with different beliefs on who gets to control their access to contraception.” — Odunayo Shobo ’17
“We are a Lutheran school, and the religion that we follow preaches that you should abstain from sexual relationships; so for our school, it makes sense.” — Maddy Turian ’17

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