May 22, 2024

03/25/2016 Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of W. College in reference to a broken window. A student advised that a few minutes before he called Wittenberg dispatch, someone threw a brick through his window. There was a brick inside the window, and all of the glass was on the inside of the house. Photos were taken. There are no known suspects at this time.
03/26/2016 Two students reported that they found a piece of suspected drug paraphernalia in the area of the 1100 block of N. Plum St. Officers checked the lot and found a hypodermic needle. The needle will be destroyed.
03/27/2016 Officers were dispatched to the Student Center in reference to a fire alarm. Upon their arrival, officers did smell something “hot.” With the assistance of fire division personnel, officers determined that a ballast and a fan may have been causing the smell. The light was turned off and the bulb was removed, and the fan was turned off. Due to the proximity of the smell in relation to a room containing servers, Information Technology was called, and [an IT staff member] advised he would check the servers.
03/28/2016 Officers were dispatched to Firestine Hall in reference to a possible theft of keys. Officers met with a student, who stated that during the evening, he was in room with friends and at around 9 p.m., he left. As he got up, his keys fell out of his pocket. When he returned to the room to look for his keys, his friends told him that they had placed them on the door handle in the hallway, and they were no longer there. This incident has been referred to Student Development for review.
03/28/2016 Officers responded to Sprecher Apartments on a report of an odor of gas. The fire division responded, and found the O2 levels to normal and no gas leaks. There was an issue with a furnace coil leaking A/C refrigerant. Physical Plant was notified of the issue.
03/31/2016 While on patrol, officers found that a “No Parking” sign was missing from the southeast corner of the Ferncliff parking lot. The post was removed from the ground, and the hole was covered with leaves. Photos were submitted for this incident. There are no suspects at this time.

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