July 12, 2024

In the year of 2016, it seems as though the youth do matter in this election period. What makes this election so big to people? Are people really afraid of Trump winning? It seems as though voting this year has become imperative for college students to participate in. Trump seems to be a part of the reason people are feeling this way. It seems the younger generation is “Feeling the Bern,” that being Bernie Sanders. I am starting to think that students are realizing that if Trump wins, America could be screwed. This starts to raise a lot of questions to the students.
Other students are stuck in between and not really sure if they want to vote. Students have a whole lot of reasons for why they feel this way. It could be they feel that the politicians are very manipulative and don’t hold their word, while some don’t have an interest in politics. These reasons play a huge factor on the young college student, and it creates confusion.
This is where I get confused as well, because sometimes I don’t know my role in the election. I’m always so encouraged to vote – and I will vote – but I am starting to have questions: will the politician I choose own up to what they say? What can be done to better America as whole? How are we moving forward?
All of these questions are swimming through my mind, while everyone is rooting “Bernie! Bernie!” and taking Trump for a joke. I realize I do play a factor in this election; my vote can make difference, but will it?
So when I ask myself my role in this election, I start to wonder if the outcome would show that my voice mattered, as well as the voices of  other college students in America. Because, yes, I do feel that in this election we are the target, because our future depends on it.
The question still becomes difficult for me to answer, because oftentimes I don’t know my role in the election. But we, as students, are depending on this election. I start to wonder if I am making the right decision. I can say this election has opened up my eyes on these different views among the politicians, and it makes it hard to pick. I just want the politicians to understand how difficult it is to play a role in the election when they are constantly being manipulative.
A message to Wittenberg students: It’s okay to have the views you have, whether you vote or do not vote. There’s a reason you feel that way. Regardless, if we are confused or frustrated in our roles on the election, our voices still have the right to be heard.

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