June 13, 2024

04/09/2016 Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall in reference to the fire alarm activation. There was no indication of a fire or smoke on the eleventh floor; however, a fire extinguisher had been discharged. Pictures were taken and submitted with this report. This case is pending.
04/06/2016 While on scene at Tower Hall in reference to a fire alarm, officers were advised by a Springfield Fire Captain that three students were attempting to climb on the back of the fire engine to take “selfie” pictures. A non-student and two students advised they were attempting to take photos with the fire engine in the background. All three subjects were advised due to their actions and sent from the area until the Fire Department had finished their job. This incident is has been referred to Student Development for review.
04/06/2016 While at Tower Hall responding to a fire alarm, officers found a room with the door wide open and a case of beer in plain view. The on-call dean gave permission to search the room. Officers confiscated and destroyed (one) case of Natural Light beer, (two) bottles of 110-Vodka and (seven) empty liquor bottles and beer cans. The room was secured, and a property receipt was left in the room. This case has been referred to student development for review. Video and pictures submitted.
04/12/2016 A student was arrested and charged with vandalism after officers investigated a report of two females breaking vehicle windows in the Krieg Hall parking lot.
04/12/2016 Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall for a malfunctioning elevator with students trapped inside. The students got out of the elevator prior to officers’ arrival. The south elevator was shut down, and Physical Plant was advised.
04/14/2016 Officers were flagged down by a Wittenberg staff member on West Ward St. at North Fountain Ave. The staff member found three Dunham’s gift cards totaling $250 and a baggie believed to contain an illegal substance on the ground while she was walking her dogs in Veteran’s Park. Additionally, she found baggies, a flashlight and a small container that was marked with a marijuana sticker.

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