June 23, 2024

Every month, the Wittenberg Womyn’s Center puts on a program to empower women. This month, Franchesca Noday, ’17, chose to bring Johanna Kohout’s “Protect Yourself Like A Ninja Self-Defense Class.”
There were two sessions offered last week that took place in the HPER Center. The class was taught by Kohout who has a second degree black belt in ninjutsu. Kohout recognizes that “life is dynamic, and that we need a variety of different tools to deal with the problems we encounter in our daily adventures.”
The main goal of the class was to empower yourself with self-protection skills and strategies for real life. To do this, the class was taught using a “sliding scale” of difficulty in regard to the defenses.
Specifically, participants could learn about verbal and physical boundaries, situational awareness, defenses for arm and wrist grabs, hair pulls and attacks from the front or back.

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