April 19, 2024

4/22/2016 Officers spoke with a student, who stated that he paid $225. for a T.V. and did not receive the T.V. The student stated that he sent the money to a man who lives out of state. He found the T.V. advertised on Craigslist. Since sending the money, the ad has been removed from Craigslist and he has not received the T.V.
4/23/2016  Officers responded to a house in the 100 block of W. College Ave. in reference to a large party. Officers observed a large trashcan to the rear of the address. That trashcan appeared to be filled with an alcohol and punch-like substance. Officers made several requests for a resident to step forward, and when no one did, they dumped the trashcan. This incident has been referred to Student Development for follow up.
4/23/2016 While investigating the burglary in the 0 block of W. College Ave., a blue bong, an RX prescription bottle containing 3 grams of marijuana, a silver spike tool used for smoking “DABS,” a silver grinder with residue, a glass jar with residue, a screw driver with oil residue, a blow torch used to heat the “dabbing” tool and a hookah were found on a coffee table in the middle of the room. All these items were taken and logged onto property receipt number 2781. This incident has been referred to Student Development for review.
04/23/2016 Officers spoke to a non-student, who reported that his 2003 Volkswagen Passat had been stolen. While working on this report, the non-student called SPD advising that he found his car and the vehicle wasn’t stolen. A friend moved the vehicle.
4/27/2016 Officers responded to the 100 block of W. College on a report of a black vehicle circling the block and displaying a gun. Officers spoke to a student and advised that he was told that four black males pulled up, one of males got out and asked if the party was open to anyone. The group of students replied that it was not, and the male got back into the vehicle and pulled away. A short time later, the vehicle came back and a passenger displayed a gun. Students ran away, and the car pulled away. The car returned, stopped and a passenger displayed the gun again. The vehicle fled the area and did not return.

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