April 13, 2024

As a new school year begins so does a new sports season. With that, comes new goals and new achievements. Senior cross country runner and Biology major Jonathan Osman is our athlete of the week, telling us about what he strives to achieve by the end of this season.
“My cross country career started as a middle schooler,” Osman said. “I ran two miles then; now I run five. I was interested in cross country because I’ve always loved running. The mile was my favorite part of P.E. in elementary school.”
Osman gives credit where credit is due; he wouldn’t be the person he was today if it weren’t for cross country. “The sport taught me responsibility,” Osman stated. “It taught me how to work hard.”
In his career, Osman has received All-Conference honors in the NCAC twice, and has been named NCAC’s runner of the week twice. Another two-time award for Osman was his Academic All-American award. He is aiming for the Great Lakes Region this year.
Osman sets goals for himself time-wise as he’s running a meet, and is always pushing to make himself better.
“I thank the people I love for my success, my coaches, my team, my friends and my family,” Osman stated. “In order to motivate yourself and do great things, the drive must come from something other than the desire for personal gain. For me, it’s trying to make the people I care about proud, as I try to show them each and every day that their love and support has made me strong.”
Wittenberg wishes Osman the best of luck in his senior year, and for everything he sets out to do afterwards.

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