June 23, 2024

Although the incoming class of 2020 isn’t the largest class in Wittenberg history, it is the largest class in over 14 years.
“As of move-in day, we had 611 students, the largest class in 14 years,” Karen Hunt, executive director of Admissions, stated. “What this tells us is that we are offering a sought-after educational experience, one that focuses fully and completely on a student’s personal and professional success.”
According to Hunt, this increase in students brings a wider berth of diversity, thought and experience.
“Having more talented, energetic and involved young people on campus has the potential to energize the entire community,” Randy Green, executive director of Financial Aid, said. “I expect to see even more students involved in club activities, supporting our athletic teams, attending theatrical productions – those aspects of college life that are critical to a high quality college experience.”
As with every year, the Admissions department worked tirelessly to get students on campus as a part of the class of 2020. They have been working with some students since their sophomore years of high school to prepare them for the high school to college transition.
“We set recruitment goals on an annual basis, always keeping in mind Wittenberg’s mission, [a] long-standing commitment to educating the whole person, our active and engaged learning environment, and our personalized approach to teaching and scholarship,” Hunt said.
Unfortunately, this bigger class does pose a small problem for some students.
“There are significant challenges that accompany the larger class,” Green stated. “In addition to the greater volume of communications with families, the amount of funding available in many of our programs is a constant. This means that there are fewer dollars (per student) available to address special circumstances if families encounter financial difficulties.”
No matter the challenges, both the Financial Aid and Admissions departments plan to work extremely hard to find solutions for problems students may encounter. Both have already been closely involved with a great number of students and their families.
“In Financial Aid, we’re still busy getting the new class settled in, after which we get to take a deep breath and then start again with the class of 2021,” Green said. “I would love to shoot for another 600 next year, but setting our goal depends on many variables and we’ll have to wait and see.”
The Admissions department shared some of the same excitement as the Financial Aid department.
“We are thrilled that so many students said ‘yes’ to Wittenberg,” Hunt stated. “Moving forward, we will continue to work to inspire as many students as we can to be a part of our remarkable story.”

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