April 15, 2024

Ten years after coming up with his first animated movie idea, Seth Rogen finally produced “Sausage Party” and ultimately did what Ralph Bakshi tried to do 40 years ago with “Fritz the Cat.” Combing his talents with director Greg Tierman, the very first CGI-animated film to be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) was produced.
“Sausage Party” hit the box office on Aug. 12 and interconnected famous actors such as James Franco, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Kristen Wiig and most notably Rogen.
In a grocery store called Shopwell’s, animated foods dream of being bought by people, whom they see as gods, and want to be taken into “the great beyond.”
Following the life of a sausage named Frank, voiced by Rogen, and his hotdog-bun girlfriend Brenda, Wiig, they end up being picked to enter the great beyond. After Honey Mustard tries to warn his peers that the great beyond is not what any of them are expecting, Frank begins to ponder life outside of the store and what awaits him there. After teaming up with a bagel and a flatbread, Frank and Brenda find their way on a journey throughout the store as they search for answers of what lies outside.
Rogen’s raunchy, pot-smoking, vulgar style may have you leaving the theater blushing. The comedy in this movie is very crude and has an obscene amount of sexual references, something Bakshi failed to have repetitive success with in the 70s with “Fritz the Cat.” Back then, the public wasn’t ready for a motion picture like “Sausage Party” due to its controversial nature, but, after “Sausage Party” grossed just over $90 million in sales at the box office, this probably won’t be the last R rated animated film we see hitting theaters.
Overall, this movie puts an interesting twist on the Disney and Pixar animation we all grew up watching as kids.
Rogen’s relentless jokes will either keep you from breathing because you’re laughing so hard or because you’re gasping out of disgust.
If you enjoy the Rogen classics, such as “Knocked Up,” “Superbad,” and “This is the End,” then “Sausage Party” most likely fits right in with your palatte of movies. If you are expecting another Pixar classic with cheeky fish and fluffy jokes that you can enjoy with your children in the future, then you have been warned to steer clear of this movie.

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