June 13, 2024

South Korean pop-rock/r&b group B.A.P is back at it again, once more proving why these six musicians are the Best. Absolute. Perfect.
Last month, B.A.P released its fifth single album, a party-themed miniature album entitled “Put ‘Em Up.” Comprised of three songs in Korean (with interjected English lines), all works were co-written by professional songwriters with B.A.P’s leader and main rapper, Bang Yongguk.
The first track, “Do What I Feel,” is an exciting, upbeat soirée-anthem about living it up and doing what you need to be happy. Main vocalist and lead vocalist Jung Daehyun and Yoo Youngjae, respectively, push the bounds of their vocal ranges, with high notes playing in the soprano vocal range. Sub-vocalist Kim Himchan also shines, his soothing bass voice delivering unexpected lines that balance the high range of the other vocalists. A pop-rock number with the group’s hip-hop influence, it is easily a favorite.
The second track, “That’s My Jam,” is the lead single, with a hilarious music video counterpart. In the video, the viewer watches the men dancing in a club, making parodies of their previous music videos, commentary on what one sees on the local news, etc. Continuing the theme, the song relays imagery of drinking, partying and sex.
Sub-vocalist Moon Jongup stands out in this song, singing climactic lines with great passion. Lead rapper Choi Junhong (Zelo) is one to watch in the music video, too, rapping very suggestive lines while eating a banana to suggest his double entendres.
The final recording, “What Should I Say?” is a stark contrast to the previous two numbers. As a slowed down r&b ballad with soul influence, it delineates from the main theme of the album and discusses a lover abandoning you and dealing with the after effects. Though one can argue it leaves the listener feeling a little down due to the fast-paced nature of the other songs, the beauty of this track was worth sharing to the world. The group’s rappers, Yongguk and Zelo, are highlights in this song, as they use their talents as vocalists, which fans seldom see. Jongup also shines, getting almost as many lines as Daehyun, whose powerhouse vocal range amazes once again.
Though a lot of listeners may be opposed to songs in another language, B.A.P lets the music speak for itself, with themes that are evident, even if you don’t speak the primary language. The group is a testament to the universality of music, how it can unite us all and prove that even though we’re from different cultures, we’re all human and experience life and emotion the same.
B.A.P has been a group since 2012, and prior to last month had also released five extended plays in addition to two full-length albums. The group went on a brief hiatus in 2014-15, during which time the band filed a lawsuit against its company TS Entertainment, due to unfair wage distribution and questionable decisions regarding the members’ health.
Since returning in November of 2015, B.A.P has released a full length album, two extended plays, this single album, and the group is rumored to have another comeback before the end of 2016.

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