March 1, 2024

Alumni speakers, mingling and mock tails, and winning raffle prizes will be a few things that will be a part of an event called the Celebration of Lifelong Learning.
The event will be  held by the business department. Professor Wendy Gradwohl, a business professor and the department chair, explained why the event was created and the purpose for the event.
“We wanted to create a collaborative event that will benefit alumni and the student body,” she said.
Gradwohl also explained how the event came from CABLE, which is a communication and business leadership program designed to develop students’ communication abilities while allowing them to apply business concepts in a real world setting.
In essence, the event will be used to expand the CABLE program to other departments who are interested.
The event will start with a series of panel sessions from alumni speakers. A few alumni speakers that will be in attendance are Lauren Casale, ’12; Kelly Eggers, ’09; and Brian May, ’99. There will be free business card holders for students who attend the panel session.
Alumni that won’t be on the panel will be assisting with mock interviews and resume critiquing. After the panels, the networking event mingling and mock tails will occur. Raffle prizes will also be given away.
Meredith Level, the coordinator for Engaged Learning, expressed her excitement for the event.
“I’m excited for the students,” she said. “I’m really hoping they come, because our alumni are our biggest success stories. We can tell them that they will be successful, but it will resonate better when they see the alumni’s success.”
Business major Philip Buford, ’17,  and communication major Maddy Johnson, ’17,  explain what they’re looking forward to in  the event.
“I am also looking forward to learning new things obviously, but also seeing what topics are brought up that will lead to further studies,” Buford said. “Hopefully, programs on Wittenberg campus for the student body.”
“I am looking forward to the past students elaborating on their past stories and how I can learn from their mistakes and their successes,” Johnson said. “I want to reach their level of success.”
The business department is hoping for 100 students to attend the event on Oct. 7, starting with panels from  1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Bayley Auditorium, and ending with mingling and mock tails from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the science center atrium.

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