February 21, 2024

Here at Wittenberg, there is a diverse group of students who many don’t get to know as well as their other classmates. Witt’s international students populate more of campus than some may realize. It’s about time to shed some light on them.
“Chipotle,” junior Selty Zhong replied, when asked what her favorite “American” cuisine was. “Well, actually, just American-ized Mexican food, so Taco Bell, too.”
Zhong is a junior international student here at Wittenberg who is working towards a degree to become an actuary. Although she had many good things to say about being here in the States, Zhong wasn’t shy about speaking up about the things China had to offer either.
“The rice is so much better there,” she said. “Also, in the U.S., there’s no public transportation, which I don’t like.”
So what does an international student from China do when they leave for college? Do they stay here, or do they go home?
“I would get a job in actuary, so in a place like a bank or insurance company, any big company really,” Zhong said.
When asked if she would stay in the United States, Zhong replied, “Well, yeah, for sure!”
Just like any other person, though, Zhong has her dream home, too.
When questioned where she would go if cost were not an issue, she said, “Oh, so many places, an island for myself, Dubai, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland…their houses look like they’re out of a fairytale. But in the U.S., definitely New York or Miami.”
Finally, Zhong commented on her Wittenberg experience,:“People here are mostly so friendly, and professors are really nice.”

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