May 19, 2024

This past Thursday, Richard Sigg, the director of Recruitment and Enrollment at Case Western Reserve University, came to Wittenberg to speak to the Sociology and Psychology departments about the three-two program that is available to them.
Sigg explained that the three-two program is for anyone interested in the professional side of social work and/or to obtain a master of science and social administration degree. The student would take three years of core courses at Wittenberg University, followed by another two years of classes and internships at Case Western Reserve.
At the informal event, Sigg talked about the importance of social work, and he was well received by 15 members of the Wittenberg community.
“A social work degree is/will be the most versatile degree a person can get,” Sigg said. “It’s a really great field that opens up a lot of doors.”
To be considered for acceptance into the three-two program, a student must meet a few requirements. There is no standardized testing that is required; however, one must have a minimum GPA of a 3.2, and provide a five-page personal statement where reviewing an issue regarding social work. A student must also explain why he or she is interested in the field.
Once accepted, scholarships are easy to come by, according to Sigg.
“Almost 100 percent of campus has significant scholarships, and seven students are awarded full tuition scholarships a year.”

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