June 13, 2024

I know I’m going to offend a lot of people by saying this, but I hate Witt Wednesdays.
Let me explain myself. Yes, I think every student needs a time and place and things to do to vent, to express themselves, to relieve stress, to play, to make memories, etc. The list goes on and on.
Yes, everyone needs a way to splurge and keep their sanity during college, which is simultaneously the most beautiful and horrifying time of your life.
But does it really need to come to fruition in a way that may affect students’ academics, and potentially health?
In the middle of the week, when students should be studying for their Thursday and Friday classes, several students are going out, drinking and dancing and making memories they won’t remember the next day anyway. And often times, the pounding music, people slamming on your door and screaming in your window can get a little distracting when you’re an English major working on a 20-page paper.
And some people have trouble with knowing when too much is too much. That’s when vomit is splashed across the road, lawns are littered with a myriad of bottles and cups, and people end up in the hospital.
And the less control people have over their minds and bodies during this time can lead to certain decisions that would not have been made sober, which can be traumatic and/or life-threatening.
Now that’s not to say that everyone acts recklessly during these times. I’ve known several people who can comfortably manage partying for a while, ensure they get home safe and then focus on their studies for the following day.
I’m not against this by any means; if this makes you happy and you’re smart about it, I fully support your decision to have fun! And the university does put on events in honor of Witt Wednesday that are safe and enjoyable, and I highly encourage these as a viable option.
If you do celebrate Witt Wednesdays, I just ask that you drink responsibly and take care of yourself. Try not to disturb those of us who would rather stay at home snuggled with homework and a movie, and let’s just agree to respect our differences, not judge one another for how we spend our free time and be happy that we have a way to relieve stress that makes us all happy. We’re all working hard towards our degrees so we can make a difference in this world, and I just hope we all can do so without endangering ourselves or others.

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