May 22, 2024

It’s safe to say that many Wittenberg students have at least considered transferring to a bigger school. It takes a special person to see the same 1,900 faces day in and day out and continue to get along with most all of them.
However, there is more to living in Witt than the social life. Not only will you know most faces of classmates, but the teachers will know the faces as well. This is something that many students take for granted. After sitting through an Intro to Marketing class at The Ohio State University, it may be less likely.
Looking around an auditorium filled with maybe 150 students, it is hard to believe that this is an actual class. Then it can be seen that truly no one is paying attention. The guy to the left is on his phone, the girls sitting four rows ahead laugh with heads huddled together. This class looks a lot more like a high school study hall than an undergraduate class.
Aside from the amount of people and attention being paid to the good professor at the front of the auditorium, the distractions became more and more insistent. Phones buzz, people walk in and out of the auditorium constantly and the chairs squeak as they fold up and out. Lastly, the professor never asked for an answer to a question. It was unlikely he knew a single face in the room, let alone the one that didn’t even go there.
Most Witt students know these things would never pass in a class here. While it is certain many would love to be able to miss class without consequence, the culture of this small school and small classes is what has kept Wittenberg up with all of those Big 10s. Accessibility to professors is what holds standards up constantly. It is hard to imagine that a school so large could have a similar atmosphere. So, how do you OSU?

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