July 12, 2024

Interested in studying abroad? Looking for a way to knock out some of those general education requirements? Play any sports? Then come to Costa Rica! Wittenberg’s International Education Program is partnering with Beyond Sports to encourage athletes to study abroad.
In the spring of 2017, professor John Ritter will be taking a group of students to San Jose, Costa Rica for a semester. Over 100 college students from across the U.S. will be living with host families while taking several courses. This trip covers 16 Wittenberg credits, including the service requirement.
Students will be attending Veritas University. This university offers numerous programs for students in both Spanish and English. The trip requires no previous Spanish experience, but students are required to take at least two semesters of Spanish while in Costa Rica. Spanish courses are offered at every level.
Director of International Education JoAnn Bennett commented: “It’s much more fun to learn a language when your homework is to go to a local restaurant.”
Ritter will also be teaching a 200-level geology course in San Jose. His “Coast to Coast in Costa Rica” course will focus on the geology and geomorphology in Costa Rica.
In regards to his class, Ritter said: “We can look at the bigger concepts of geology using Costa Rica as our lab.”
The geology course is one of many courses that students can take that offers exclusive benefits that those studying in Springfield wouldn’t get. For example, what better place to take a photography course than in Costa Rica, home of some of the most beautiful beaches, rainforests and wildlife?
This study abroad trip is unique in a way that it is geared toward athletes. The program works to give student-athletes a way to progress in their schooling as well as in their athletic careers. The
Beyond Sports program partners with local varsity programs to give athletes a chance to practice on campus. Soccer, football and baseball are a few of the many sports available to the athletes.
Students that aren’t involved with athletics are still permitted to go on the trip and can also work out with the teams as they wish.
Not only does this trip allow for a unique learning environment, it also gives students a chance to explore the lush, tropical island. Throughout the semester, multiple excursions are offered to places such as Arenal Volcano and Bocas del Toro. These trips offer many adventures such as ziplining, hiking through the tropics, visiting the hot springs at the base of the volcano and scuba diving.
This trip is an once and a lifetime opportunity. Meeting new people, trying new food and touring the beautiful country while receiving a truly unique learning experience results in the perfect getaway. If you’re looking for more information or want to apply, you can contact Program Director Ritter at jritter@wittenberg.edu, or Director of International Education Bennett at jbennett@wittenberg.edu.

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