July 14, 2024

On Friday night, Wittenberg students and their families gathered for a night of music and fun watching Dueling Pianos. Now, this wasn’t your stereotypical “classical piano music.”
These two men, who refer to themselves as “the homeless looking one” and “the attractive one,” were very skillful with the keys and had a vast knowledge of songs under their belts. It was almost surprising to hear some of the songs that they played, ranging from Brittany Spears to Ray Charles; these men were nothing short of spectacular.
They even included a quite lengthy medley of Disney songs, which the entire crowd sang with them. It was almost shocking to know how many college students knew every word to Disney’s “The Lion King” soundtrack, along with several “Frozen” and “The Little Mermaid” songs. It was almost a relief to know that I was not the only one! The 18-to-21-year-olds enjoyed that part of the show just as much, if not more, than four-to-eight-year-olds.
The genre of music continued on to cover some classic rock, a little country, a few ’80s songs, and an impressive number of rap songs. When playing and singing along to R. Kelly’s “Remix to Ignition,” one of the men beat-boxed while the other rapped, which was quite the crowd pleaser.
The show was not routine, in fact, they played mostly by request. The way the men were able to play along with each other without much warning at all before switching songs was remarkable, and it was impossible to sit through the show without dancing in your seat, tapping your foot or nodding your head along to the rhythm.
The show was altogether fun for the whole family. They covered old songs, as well as new, and put their own spin on it to make it enjoyable and more upbeat. There was not a body in the entire room who was not dancing to the music and having a good time.
If you missed the show, it’s easy to catch them on their website, www.midwestduelingpianos.com. They are definitely worth the watch!

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