May 22, 2024

From awkward middle school dances to homecoming, then college formals, formal attire has definitely evolved throughout the years. However, finding out how to navigate formals on college campuses can be hard. The first step in figuring out what to wear is thinking about location. Depending on how far away the event is, you need to dress for the weather and especially for women, think about the functionality of footwear. There is nothing worse than trying to walk across campus in heels… on ice during winter formals.
After you evaluate how far you have to walk and choose shoes accordingly, there is the weather to take into account. Rain or shine, formals go on, and sometimes you need to make the best out of a hot pink raincoat.
For men, the issue of formal wear is easier because you can’t go wrong with a nice dress shirt, shoes, pants and tie. They also have pockets and no worries about heels and walking far (which is why the least you can do is lend a coat at the end of the night, boys).
As for girls, after referencing the weather, you can decide what type of dress to wear: long sleeve, strapless, midi, or cocktail style. For most winter formals, there are trends of the classic, little black dress and long sleeve cocktail dresses. Other neutral tones like grey, navy and olive are popular winter color schemes as well. Depending on how formal the event is, then accessories and coordinating with your date can be beneficial and fun.
If you don’t feel like dressing up and still attend a formal, khakis and a button down for guys can be a casual alternative. And girls can wear a relaxed version of formal outfits. Girls can wear a skirt and blouse with nice sandals or boots when it’s colder outside.

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