April 19, 2024

College is a time of triumph and loss.
You’d be lying if you said you haven’t experienced your fair share of horrible Mondays, Wednesdays or all-nighters gone wrong.
Juggling academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and jobs often leads to even the smallest things making students feel like they can’t win.
Some Wittenberg students have shed some light on what they consider to be the most devastating losses of college. Victoria Zysik, ’18, shared a common loss amongst students.
“Nothing feels like a worse loss than coming back to school and realizing there are no longer mozz sticks at Post, arguably the most popular late-night snack on campus,” Zysik said.
Food is a huge priority in college. So it is not surprising that amongst studying for exams and exhausting practices, the tipping point of devastation does revolve around the lack of someone’s favorite snack.
Another commonality among losses in college is exams. What is one to do when there are multiple exams on one day?
The answer among many is prioritization. The struggle of delegating time on what’s most important often results in an “L” in some capacity.
Daniel Roberts, ‘18, shared his view on taking “L’s” in college.
“Realizing FOMO [fear of missing out] is real and having to prioritize studying when all my friends go out,” Roberts said.
Like Roberts, many students struggle with the college workload and have to lose out on socializing, a sad, but very accurate reality of getting older.
Another “L” of college is realizing you have homework due five minutes before class… Which often results in franticly completing the homework during class or skipping class all together. When 10 students were asked what they do in that situation, seven out of 10 say they just skip class all together… It is up to interpretation which option is the total loss.
Navigating college can be hard, and you’re bound to make mistakes and mess up over four years. Thankfully, students can find solace in bonding over the impending losses that comprise college.

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