April 13, 2024

This weeks spotlight highlights yet another beloved, golden bundle of joy. O’Malley was born in May to the Aristocat litter of the 4 Paws program. The energetic pup is a golden retriever, like many of his brothers and sisters.
Some of O’Malley’s favorite things are any toy that isn’t his own (especially balls) and eating everything in sight. Any shoe laying out is fair game for play time and there have been a few shoe casualties. The lucky co-handlers for the dog are two senior females, Campbell Frame and Caitie Traylor.
Frame details her care for O’Malley and how she tries to integrate him into society, which is the main goal of the training program by saying she, “tries to take him everywhere with me: the grocery store, class, movies, and even restaurants.”
You may wonder how taking a puppy wherever you go works out, especially with a puppy that is so out-going personality wise, typical of the golden retriever breed, but she assures that he is a super laid back and mellow dog.
Frame also mentioned her immense love for the 4 Paws program, due to this being her second experience with the program. Her first experience with the program was with Armani, a black Goldendoodle that brought joy to many as well. She handled Armani with fellow co-handler Traylor.
“Not only do I get to play and care for an adorable puppy, but I know that down the line the dog that made such an impact in my life is going to make even more of a difference in another’s life, which is really rewarding,” Frame said.
Traylor relates by sharing her favorite part of caring for O’Malley to be, “watching him grow and learn everyday, knowing he’s meant for big things in this world.”
But with all the good times, also come the bad. Frame, along with many handlers, struggle with having to give back their beloved dogs after becoming so attached, but she states that O’Malley is completely worth it knowing his larger purpose in life, which is serving others.
Her hope for the program is that it only continues to grow and that everyone on campus who wants to join and help out is able to.
“Watching O’Malley grow and seeing the work I put in, pay off is the best. I can’t wait for both O’Malley and Armani to continue to grow, eventually graduate, and get placed into a family that will love them as much as I do,” Frame said.
Frame, along with many other handlers, agree that the 4 Paws program provides happiness to all involved in the process. Not only do the dogs continue to spread love and glee amongst the campus community, but to the student handlers and the potential families the dogs will serve as well.

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