April 19, 2024

Tina Hale, administrative assistant to Pastors Andy and Rachel Tune, retired last week. She was a resource for campus on church relations, managed scheduling for Weaver Chapel and served as the initial contact for booking weddings in the chapel for nearly 12 years.
“It’s a multifaceted job, with a lot of different aspects and she did them all well,” Pastor Andy Tune said.
Hale’s role required her to be in one of the few offices on campus that has direct contact with the public, Tune explained.
“She’s a warm, positive person and it was great for people to have that positive contact with the university,” Tune said.
Hale’s impact on Wittenberg’s campus extended outside the stained-glass halls of Weaver Chapel. As a resource for students who were interested in ministry or simply needed help planning events in the chapel, Hale went above and beyond to assist.
“I always appreciated how much interest she took in the students. She supported and listened to them, especially in stressful times. That’s an important part of the job,” Tune said.
Courtney Queen, ’17, also shared Hale’s role in campus culture.
“Tina has always been a wealth of knowledge for students, alumni, and campus ministry organizations,” Queen said.
Over the summer, Queen held her wedding ceremony in Weaver Chapel. Queen expressed her sadness over Hale’s retirement.
“She is a very special woman in the Wittenberg community and I will miss her each time I walk through the chapel doors,” Queen said.
Hale will also be remembered for her passion for singing. As a singer with the Springfield Symphony Chorale, she performs multiple times per year for the community. When asked what he’ll miss most about Hale, Pastor Andy Tune noted her pleasant demeanor and lovely singing voice.
“I was next door to her and in the afternoon, she would sing. She has a beautiful voice and it was a lot of fun to hear her singing in there,” he said. “I’ll certainly miss her.”

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