May 22, 2024

Finding ways to incorporate fashion into winter style can be tough, but you shouldn’t have to compromise style for warmth. Finding the right accessories and staples for your wardrobe will help prepare you for this winter season.
The first thing to think about regarding winter attire is your winter coat. Especially on college campuses, it is extremely important to find a coat with substantial padding, lining and functionality for the coldest months of the years. With each walk to class being approximately 10 minutes long to and from class, you’re looking at spending at least 40 minutes in the cold each day. Keep this in mind when finding the courage to drop some money on a proper coat. From wool trench coats to down puffer coats, there are many styles and price ranges to help find the coat that works best for you. From Nordstrom to Costco or Goodwill, there will be an abundance of coats in retail shops and as always, online shopping offers many outlets for coats as well. Don’t let winter sneak up on you without a proper coat this year.
Aside from a winter coat, another staple for a winter wardrobe is a good pair of boots. Whether you fancy L.L. Bean Boots, UGGS, Hunter boots or those trusty snow boots your mom made you bring to school, make sure you’re prepared for many snow covered sidewalks and parking lots, they’re coming sooner than you think. Nothing is worse than realizing your feet are soaked and will be for the next hour after walking to class or your car. Along with your boot of choice, wool or thick socks can make or break your footwear. As appealing as Hunter boots or rain boots may seem due to their waterproof exterior, they’re useless against the cold without proper fleece or wool inserts or socks. So to make sure your feet are stylish, warm and waterproof, double check your winter footwear before the snow makes it’s way to your doorstep.
Lastly, winter accessories are key to fighting against that painful winter wind. Without hats, scarves and gloves, even the smallest walks in the cold can be brutal. One of my favorite winter accessories is the blanket scarf, which is exactly what it sounds like. A blanket scarf is an oversized scarf that can wrap several times around your neck and torso or act a shaw. The only downside to these scarves is that they are very tempting to cuddle up with in class or at work which does lead in fact induce sleep… I would know. Another scarf that works wonders is the infinity scarf, a scarf that has one big loop you put around your neck. These are nice in terms of convenience, they’re fast to put on and never need adjusting.
Hats for the winter are also important because a lot of heat escapes through the top of your head and leaving your head vulnerable to the low temperatures can accelerate the chance of catching a cold.
Whether it’s a trendy beanie or winter hat with a poof on top, don’t let the fear of hat hair keep you from making smart winter accessory choices this year, there are many ways that hats can add to your winter look.

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