June 18, 2024

Navigating the plethora of holiday parties that consumes December can be intimidating. Office Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve and ugly Christmas sweater parties all have a certain expected dress code that sometimes leaves people confused on how to dress for the chilly occasions. But with a few tips, you can be rocking around the Christmas tree in no time.
In regards to work Christmas parties, it can be confusing how to mix business casual with Christmas. The first factor in deciding what to wear to an office Christmas party is where the party takes place. If it is in the office, you can typically get away with wearing normal business attire with some sort of festive accessories, including Santa hats, Christmas vests or even just a green and red tie. If the party is at a different venue, slightly more formal attire will be encouraged. Cocktail dresses and suits would be more appropriate, but don’t hesitate to wear holiday accessories.
With ugly Christmas sweater parties, on the other hand, there really is no wrong way to dress, because the uglier, the better. A skirt, jeans, slacks, etc., there is no wrong way to dress as long as you throw on a terrible sweater in the process. My personal favorites are those with flashing lights or puns that you just have to laugh at. This year’s sweater for me entails a pug wearing a Santa hat with the pun “Bah-Hum-Pug.” Don’t be the Scrooge of your company and participate in your ugly Christmas sweater party. Just remember, the cheesier, sparklier and flashier your sweater, the more impressed your peers will be.
Lastly, after all the Christmas parties have passed, there remains one more pivotal holiday party: the New Year’s Eve party. A party celebrating another year well done and the welcoming of a fresh, new start.
There’s no shock that everyone dresses up and looks their best for this iconic party. No matter where the location, you can never be overdressed for this party: the more glitz and glam, the better.
Men are urged to stick with classy suit ensembles, while women usually spend hours trying to figure out the perfect NYE cocktail dress. Whether you stick with the classic little black dress or decide to personify champagne with a sequin gown, then by all means ring in the New Year fashionably.
Wherever you’re headed this holiday season, dress to impress and remember these tips to spend the last few weeks of the year in style.

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