May 19, 2024

Finals week is just around the corner, and campus is enjoying the presence of the 4 Paws pups more than ever. Before they leave to pass their tests and move on to bigger and better things, there is another pup who hasn’t quite made her bark loud enough yet.
Valkyrie, a.k.a Val, is a doodle pup from the Airforce litter. She and her sister Spirit are the best of friends, while seeing her other siblings Cessna, Stinson and Titan around campus is always a pleasure as well.
The pup’s moms, Emily Taylor, ‘19 and Emily Faas, ‘18, love being Val’s handlers, and when asked about their concerns, they only had one thing to say.
“In the beginning, we were afraid we wouldn’t have the time to devote to her, but we’ve found that she fits well into our schedule. Now the biggest worry that I have is that she’s a hyper dog, but I mean she is a puppy, we forget,” Faas said.
Val loves people in general, but it is clear that she prefers to be loved and cuddled by men admirers first.
“It’s very apparent she loves guys,” Faas said. “She goes right into the arms of guys; she’s a total flirt.”
Val also loves to bark. She barks in the halls, in class and of course, during presentations.
“It was like she was clapping for them,” Faas said. “Luckily, it was well received.”
Her favorite food is peanut butter, and the moms have found that her favorite food smeared across her dino bone is a sure-fire way to keep her busy and happy for a long time.
“[All the pups] have their own personality, but Val has a very specific personality – she has so much energy,” Faas said.
When asked about where the handlers would love to see their foster pup in the future, they said they’d love to see her as a search and rescue, but they also conveyed what any proud parents would say.
“Of course we want to see her pass, but wherever she ends up, even if she is adopted, she’ll bring them so much joy,” Faas said. “She brightens our day.”

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