April 19, 2024

Michelle Rogan, ’17, isn’t your typical Wittenberg student. She doesn’t spend too much time on campus – and she certainly won’t be found out and about on a Witt Wednesday.
Instead, this mom of six is at Wittenberg to pursue a dream she had many years ago – finishing her college degree.
“My husband and I really emphasize the importance of education to our children, and I felt it was important to make sure I was leading by example,” Rogan said. “So, I am finishing what I started all those years ago.”
Rogan spent two years pursuing a degree at Wright State University immediately after high school before leaving to pursue a family. Rogan married her husband before they began college, and together, the two decided that it would be best for Rogan to focus on starting a family while her husband finished his degree.
However, Rogan decided in 2009 that it was finally time to finish her college education. This is how she ended up at Wittenberg.
“Having been at other colleges, Wittenberg really focuses on the whole student,” Rogan said.
For the first four years of her Wittenberg experience, Rogan could only take two classes a semester due to her family and work. However, she took a hiatus from her job in 2012 to focus entirely on her college education and her family.
“My children are obviously my main priority; however, because they are getting older, when I finish school, I will most likely go back into the workforce,” Rogan said.
Rogan’s six children range from ages 23 to 11. Her family includes five boys: Caleb, Cullen, Cobe, Ckai and Canye, and one girl, Cassie. Her oldest, Caleb, works as a firefighter for Washington Township. The other five remain in high school, middle school and elementary school, pursuing their own education and athletic abilities. The family also has one cat and three dogs.
After graduation this spring, Rogan hopes to pursue a career in the private non-profit sector or within the field of Human Resources. However, if she had the chance to start over again, Rogan would pursue a career as a historian or a college history professor.
Although she may be older than her fellow classmates, Rogan shares an appreciation of receiving an education with younger Wittenberg students.
“It helps keep me up to date, so to speak, and I am able to see life in a different perspective through their eyes,” Rogan said. “I am impressed with the maturity and drive of Wittenberg students.”
As Rogan continues closer to graduation this spring, she shared some of her favorite things about the Wittenberg experience.
“I really cannot say enough good about the professors here at Wittenberg,” Rogan said. “The professors I have had the privilege to learn under are truly dedicated and focused on ensuring a complete and thorough education.”
Rogan also shared some words of advice for her fellow Wittenberg students as they navigate their own Wittenberg experiences.
“Take advantage of this learning experience,” Rogan said. “Many people go to college just to obtain a degree. There is so much more to it than that, and it has been my experience that Wittenberg really fosters an environment in pursuit of research and knowledge.”

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