April 13, 2024

Dear students,
As members of the university community, faculty and staff at Wittenberg want you to know that our commitment to you is outside as well as in the classroom.  Should you face negative behavior, such as harassment, hostility or threatening conduct, please know that we will do everything that we can to support you.  Depending on what you need, we will provide you with a safe place to talk, help connect you with those on campus who can further assist and offer whatever other support that we can.  We also pledge to be active bystanders should we be present at an incident.
This is a challenging time for the U.S., and emotions are running high.  The United States has a rich tradition of living together even in political disagreement.  We hope that our campus will be a model of a place where people can engage in difficult conversations and remain civil and respectful.
Do not hesitate to reach out!
Academic Services: Sally Brannan, Grace Whiteley
Admission: Karen Hunt, Laura Pitney
Advancement: Crystal Allen, Pam Deselem, Andrew Klosky, Wendy Kobler
Area Coordinator: Dennis LoConti (New Hall, Woodlawn Hall), Bridget Mearns (Tower Hall, Polis House)
Art: Alejandra Gimenez-Berger
Athletic Office: Matt Fannon, Paris Hilliard, Sarah Jurewicz, Paco Labrador, Craig Penney, Leah Poiner, Nick Rohner, Gary Williams
Biology: Margaret Goodman, Michelle McWhorter, Richard Phillips, Kathy Reinsel, Jim Welch
Business: Wendy Gradwohl, Sunny Jeong, Meredith Level, Rachel Wilson
Career Center: Wendy Smiseck
Chemistry: Dave Finster, Justin Houseknecht
Communication: Stefne Broz, Sheryl Cunningham, Kelly Dillon, Catherine Waggoner
Community Service: Kristen Collier
Computer Science: Brian Shelburne
Economics: Fred Tiffany, Dave Wishart
Education: Kathy Kridler (Academic Assistant), Robbin Nicol, Regina Post, Brian Yontz
English: Lori Askeland, ShaDawn Battle, Ty Buckman (Vice President for Strategic Initiatives), Adrienne Cassel, Robert Davis, Kent Dixon (retired), D’Arcy Fallon, Robin Inboden, Rick Incorvati, Kelley Krstich, Ian MacDonald, Michael McClelland, Kate Polak, Christina Reynolds (Academic Assistant), Cynthia Richards
Financial Aid: Adria Flannery, Randy Green, Lynn Thoma
Geology: Sarah Fortner, Mike Zaleha
Hagen Center: Stephanie McCuistion, Sarah Shivler
Health, Fitness and Sport: Julie Aylsworth, Steve Dawson
History: Darlene Brooks-Hedstrom, Brad Hume, Amy Livingstone, Christian Raffensperger, Scott Rosenberg
Human Resources: Mary Walter
Interim President: Dick Helton
Interim Provost: Mary Jo Zembar
IT Services: Jamie Johnson-Robinson
Languages: Olivia Elizabeth Amaya, David Barry, Tim Bennett, Shelley Chan, Wan-Chen (Kimberly) Chen, Sheree Henlon, Ruth Hoff, Terumi Imai-Brandle, Christine McIntyre, Susan Vrooman, Tim Wilkerson, Lila Zaharkov
Library: Karen Balliet, Linn Bobo, Betsy Dean, Ken Irwin, Doug Lehman, Alisa Mizikar, Kristen Peters, Suzanne Smailes
Marketing and Communications: Karen Gerboth (Vice President)
Mathematics: Alyssa Armstrong, Bill Higins (Computer Science), Adam Parker
Multicultural Student Programs: John Young (Associate Dean)
Music: Christopher Durrenberger, Trudy Faber (retired), Brandon Jones, David Schubert
Nursing: Cherie Rebar, Elizabeth Sorensen
Pastor’s Office: Andy Tune
Philosophy: Nancy McHugh, Steven Shoonover
Physics: Elizabeth George, Jeremiah Williams, Paul Voytas
Political Science: James Allan, Rob Baker, Brenda Fagan (Academic Assistant), Edward Hasecke, Staci Rhine, Heather Wright
Psychology: Michael Anes, Jeff Brookings, Cliff Brown, Lauren Crane, Stephanie Little, Heidi VandeKemp, Nancy Woehrle
Religion: Warren Copeland (Director of Urban Studies), Christina Fetherolf, Paul Nelson, Jennifer Oldstone-Moore
School of Community Education: John Herzog
Sociology: Keith Doubt, Peggy Hanna (Academic Assistant), Nona Moskowitz, Brooke Wagner
Student Center: Brandee Bates
Student Development: Clarissa Beavers, Jon Duraj, Sherri Sadowski
Student Employment: Laura Siemon
Student Involvement: Carol Nickoson
Theatre and Dance: Susan Apple (Academic Assistant) Shih-Ming Chang, Debbie Henderson (Tech Assistant), Jimmy Humphries, Patrick Reynolds, Christeen Stridsberg
University Communications: Cindy Holbrook
Wittenberg Police Division: Daniel Peczkowski

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