May 30, 2024

Ever wonder what being royal was like? “The Crown” has quickly become one of Netflix’s top watched shows.
The series follows Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) as she ascends the throne and begins her journey as the longest reigning monarch Great Britain has seen at the age of 25.
Newly married and a young mother, the Queen struggles with her duties as Queen, wife, mother, daughter and sister once her father King George VI (Jared Harris) dies rather suddenly from a bout of lung cancer.
While it has been reported by People Magazine that some aspects of the series have been proven as myths and others as uncertain, much of the series is based upon the true life and struggles of the young monarch.
In addition, the series loosely follows the difficulties of the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip (Matt Smith), in working through his role as the husband of the Queen.
The plot offers the right amount of suspense to keep a viewer watching, and just enough information is given to keep the audience’s undoubtedly insatiable appetite at bay until the proceeding episode. The actors each play their characters convincingly and has us rooting for our favorites until the last moments of every unfortunate circumstance they’ve found themselves a part of.
As “The Crown” has only reached the conclusion of its first season, it seems like the perfect time to begin catching up and popping your popcorn for the inevitable binge of season two.

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