May 22, 2024

Twin brothers Ty and Trey Turner of the acoustic folk band, The Icarus Account, performed at Founders on Jan. 25.
The brothers started their music career at the age of 17, recording out of a small garage at their home in Florida. Since then, the two have been on tour across the country and have continued to expand their horizons and follow their dreams of playing and making music.
Sporting their signature man buns and matching acoustic guitars, the dynamic duo sang a number of originals including “Favorite Girl” and “Chicago.”
After the performance, Alix Taylor, ‘20, commented on the band’s performance.
“They were so cute and really funny,” Taylor said.
After the band sang a couple of popular covers from artists including Ed Sheeran and the Goo Goo Dolls, they were happy to see such great support from the crowd.
“I love performing at colleges,” Ty said. “I thought we sounded good but I think that might just be the alcohol.”
Not only did the band serenade the crowd with a sweet cover of Jason Mraz’s, “I Won’t Give Up,” but they also gave the students a sneak peak into their lives with several anecdotes from their college years.
“I remember when I was being dropped off on move-in day freshmen year,” Trey said. “I hugged my mom, who was in tears, and then I looked over to my dad, who is hard as a rock, and he was starting to tear up too.”
Turner decided that he wanted to write a song to dedicate it to his father in that moment and called it “Proud.”
To conclude the concert, the brothers gave the audience an important role in their original song “Cherry Street.” The Turner brothers taught the audience a handful of lyrics to help the band out when the time came.
The result was a combination of the beautifully harmonized voices of the Turner brothers and the loud, but passionate, voices of the Wittenberg students finishing out the night.

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