June 18, 2024

The day after Valentine’s Day…
…and all through the campus, not a college student was loving, because Feb. 14 seemed endless. While roses were red, and violets were blue, the romantic holiday is over, and some relationships might be too. Here are some things you may see (or you might be doing yourself) following Valentine’s Day.
Rookie Mistake
So you forgot about Valentine’s Day and now your girlfriend isn’t speaking to you. It is not too late to buy an over-sized teddy bear and some flowers! We’ll all watch as you speed off to the florist in a panic. Rooting for you though!
Chocolate For Cheap
Want to eat away your sorrow of not having a Valentine this year? Look no further than the local grocery store. All those bags of candy and boxes of sweets are now on sale. Go ahead and treat yourself – literally.
Drunk In Love
Some of you might have woken up in a haze of romantic bliss. Some of you might have woken up next to someone you don’t know. And some of you might have woken up next to your ex. Uh-oh! What happened last night? Time to let them down easy…again! Next year slow down at McMurray’s.
Slap Happy
For those of you who got dumped on Valentine’s Day, my heart goes out to you. But on the bright side, Feb. 15 has the unofficial title of “Slap Day.” Girls, this could work out in your favor.
Where Is The Love

You might be counting down the days until next Valentine’s Day already because you “promise” you won’t be single next year. May the odds be ever in your favor!


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