June 18, 2024

Looking forward, next week is the very anticipated spring break. I have a couple of tips to make sure you fully utilize your spring break and come back to school refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the last few months of spring semester.

Have Fun

Obviously, this is the number one priority for most college students during spring break, but I know there are some studious peers out there who may forget this. Yes, balancing school work is important, but you deserve this break.

Mental breaks are super important, especially for college students who pull all-nighters and study, what seems to be, every spare second of the day. So make sure you allot time to have fun. If you find yourself bored or antsy, try seeing a movie or reading a book for fun for a change – not just class required texts.


Another seemingly obvious aspect of spring break. But you’d be surprised how too much fun can leave one feeling more exhausted and drained than before the break took place.

Make sure you balance fun activities with rest, as college students, we forget how important sleep is. Five hours of sleep may seem normal to us, but it is not. Allow yourself to overcompensate with frequent naps and at least eight hours of sleep a day to make up for the exhaustion we put our bodies through during the school year.

Try Something New

Aside from partying, studying, traveling or whatever your preferred free-time activity may be, try something new over the break. It is very easy to just lay around or go out to a bar over break, but try something you don’t normally do to switch things up. Whether it’s going to a state park and hiking, or seeing a concert, push yourself out of your comfort zone and make memories that you won’t forget when looking back on spring break. There is always time to maintain our current hobbies and activities, but embrace this rare seven days of freedom to try something new – you won’t regret it.


Even though we are the generation known for being glued to our phones, there are benefits to this stereotype when embraced in moderation. There is warrant to the criticisms of our all-consuming media tendencies, but there is also a way to balance this.

Take pictures, connect with friends in the area you may not get to see during the year and share your experiences online, but don’t miss out on the actual experiences by looking at it all through a lens.

Spring break may seem like an extended period of time, but you really only have a mere seven days to squeeze in as many fun-in-the-sun or relaxing activities as you can.

So to make the most out of your spring break, don’t forget to have fun, relax, try something new and document your adventures.


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