May 30, 2024

To continue its dedication to serving the community, Wittenberg’s Art Department hosted its annual Empty Bowls event this past Thursday in the CDR.

The premise of Empty Bowls is simple: guests are served soup in hand-made ceramic bowls made by Witt students in exchange for a cash donation to local organizations that address food security. This year, donations were made to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Last year, Wittenberg raised $44,500 for the food bank. Purchasing just one bowl from the Wittenberg Empty Bowls provides 75 meals for those in need.

This year, Wittenberg hoped to raise $50,000. Guests could choose to donate $15 and receive a ceramic bowl of their choice and an unlimited amount of soup, or just $5 for unlimited soup.

“It’s fun to see other people enjoying our bowls,” Korie Sharrar, ‘17, said.

Students were given the opportunity to make as few or as many bowls for the event as they wished. The art department had several “throwing days” where pizza and drinks were provided for students to come and go as they please.

For Brandon Miner, ‘17, this was his first year participating in the event.

“I had to stop making bowls because my wrists were starting to hurt,” Miner said.

Volunteers from both student organizations, like Lambda Chi Alpha, as well as from Kroger and the local Springfield fire station, came to support the cause. Lynn Nester, a volunteer from Kroger, have been helping the Empty Bowls event for years.

“I pulled my friends into doing it with me this year,” Nester said. “I really enjoy doing events like this because I love that the proceeds stay in Springfield.”

Guests sat in the CDR and enjoyed soups like cheesy beer bisque and chipotle pork chili from sponsors including Bob Evans Farm, Coppertop Restaurant and Witt’s very own Parkhurst Dining.

“I just came to get a bowl because they’re so beautifully made,” one guest said. “The soup that comes with it is a great added bonus.”

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