May 21, 2024

We have all heard the term “Tiger Up” before: at sporting events, around campus, sarcastically after someone finishes a drink. I’m not sure if anyone actually knows where or who coined the term, but after a decent amount of research I couldn’t find the answer myself. Typical interpretations of the phrase “Tiger Up” may include giving an extra rep in the gym, or making a good play in a game. This is why students hear the phrase at sporting events or in moments of competitive nature.

It is understood by most on campus that “Tiger Up” means embracing this Wittenberg mentality: one must embody a love for Wittenberg and represent this school in anything and everything they do. However, most fail to see that this mentality can, and should be, maintained outside of sporting environments as well.

To “Tiger Up” is the way we pass light onto others, giving reason to our schools motto. By giving back and helping others, we are improving the Springfield community and enhancing our togetherness as a student body.

“When someone says ‘Tiger Up,’ to me it means that no matter the challenge we will come together to face it and give it our all,” Ryan Gallimore, ‘19, said.

Giving an extra hour of your time for community service, helping a student in need, creating or joining a new club – these are all ways to enrich Wittenberg’s sense of togetherness. These are the deeds that go unnoticed most times but still hold immense value in helping other students and potentially even faculty come closer to attaining their dreams.

“‘Tiger-ing Up’ means to actively support and respect other Tigers and their journey to greatness,” Lamarcus Crowders, ‘17, said.

You don’t have to be the star player of any Wittenberg athletic team to make a difference in this community or be able to “Tiger Up.” Investing your effort and respect into this community and university now will reward you and your classmates in the future. Understand that the alumni before you embodied these ideals of passing light onto others and created opportunities to do so by “Tiger-ing Up” day in and day out. They have created connections, job opportunities and even legacies for themselves and others. What will your legacy be?

How will you “Tiger Up?”

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