May 21, 2024

The popular adult-coloring trend has been spreading like wildfire in the past year, and in efforts to open a window to relaxation, creativity and education to the campus community, Wittenberg’s Chapter of No Woman Left Behind (NWLB) hosted a women’s history coloring event this past Wednesday in the Geil Lounge.

This event provided an opportunity for a therapeutic escape from the everyday humdrum and stressful schedule college students tend to lead and even allowed for the channeling of one’s inner child for a little while.

NWLB president Aleister Miller felt foremost, as someone who was homeschooled, that coloring is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate education. There were a plethora of print-out coloring page options that ranged from well-known powerful women including social reformer and activist Susan B. Anthony to lesser known inspirational figures such as activist and British suffragette movement leader Emmeline Pankhurst.

Nearly every print-out held a quote at the bottom of the page that resonated the spirit of the woman that spoke the words so proudly. For example, Bella Abzug’s quote read: “Women will not simply be mainstreamed into the polluted stream. Women are changing the stream, making it clean, green and safe for all–every gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, age and ability.”

Miller was pleased with the participant conversation, as most of the photos were of lesser known figures which were later researched.

“Googling was done to learn more about the women on the pages everyone was coloring, which I think is critical to appreciating the hard work women do that aren’t yet recognized for,” Miller said.

NWLB has several events coming up in the the next month. During Consent Week, the chapter will be hosting a “One Student,” in which individuals paint a number one on their palms to represent that one sexual assault is too many, and that one student can make a difference. This event allows participants to show their support for survivors of sexual assault, as well as promote campus change. The location and time of this event will be updated on NWLB’s Instagram (@Witt_NWLB). The Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance (GSDA) and NWLB will be co-hosting an LGBTQ Sex Education event in the coming month.

Another exciting event coming up is presented by sex education educators, called “I Heart The Female O,” which will be in Bayley Auditorium on March 30. The Womyn’s Center is also hosting its Men’s Discussion and Planning Group in efforts to end sexual violence which will be held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Shouvlin 103 and Thursday at 10:45 a.m. in the Womyn’s Center.

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