June 18, 2024

On Sunday, March 26, there was a shooting on the Ohio River Scenic Byway in Cincinnati at the Cameo Nightclub. On Thursday, March 30, two men, Cornell Beckley, 27, and Deondre Davis, 29, were apprehended and now face murder charges. However, Davis is currently listed in critical condition and being treated for gunshot wounds from the event.

O’Bryan Spikes, 27, was the only man killed during the shootout and 16 others currently suffer a range of injuries due to gunfire.

Police have continued its investigation in the belief that more people may have been involved with the incident. Police also plan to add charges to the two suspects as the investigation progresses.

City officials say the Cameo nightclub has had issues with violence in recent years, including a shooting that occurred inside on New Year’s Day 2015 and another random shooting that took place in the Cameo parking lot.

Local police Chief Eliot K. Isaac stated that there was an altercation at Cameo that escalated so rapidly it distracted security, allowing people to smuggle guns into the nightclub.

Cameo hires off-duty police officers for extra security. Four off-duty officers were stationed at the entrance and parking lot of the club. Being an off-duty officer working as security has limits, leaving them unable to enter the club and only guard the building from the outside. Clubs are responsible for its internal security, Isaac said.

After shots were fired, chaos consumed Cameo. People began racing for the exit of the club, leaving the wounded unattended and blocking the entrance to the parking lot for fire rescue teams. It was reported that some of the injured victims had drove themselves to the hospital that night.

Mayor John Cranley made a statement that the city must find an effective way to keep guns off the streets and teach people of the city that disputes are not resolved through gun violence.

Beckley made an appearance in court on Friday. With the judge setting a bond for him at $1.7 million, $100,000 for each person injured, we still wait to hear of Davis’ recovery in the hospital and trial in court.

The victims who survived the Cameo shooting are: Rodney Espy, 30, Davis, 29, Jraejah Warren, 28, Stephen Haley, 28, Rayshunda Higgins, 33, Jarrod Givens, 26, Ronald Lee, 33, Nathan McClendon, 27, Shannon Brown, 25, Jordan Harris, 24, Valor Stanley, 28, Bryant Stevenson, 28, Christopher Harris, 33, Michael Feagins Jr., 30, Khristian Howell, 25 and Regina Madaris, 33.

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