July 12, 2024

This past week, Wittenberg’s Delta Gamma (DG) sorority hosted one of its philanthropy events, Anchor Splash, in the HPER Center to raise money for Service for Sight.
“We usually host Anchor Slam in the spring, which is a basketball tournament, but wanted to mix things up,” Nicole Karavakis, ‘18 and DG president, said.
The event consisted of four teams competing in a series of water games at the HPER pool. Groups of students representing Delta Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), Kappa Delta and the Men’s Swim Team raced in inner tubes, danced off the diving board in a splash contest and dropped their anchors in the synchronized swimming event.
“The splash contest was awesome because so many people threw up the gamma and got so creative with their entrance to the pool,” Micaela Pohlabel, ‘19, DG vice president for foundation, said. “But the synchronized swimming was so creative and there wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t laughing.”
Teams were encouraged to get as many students there to support them as they could. The team with the largest student support won Anchor Splash Champion Shirts and bragging rights.
The event raised money to support Service for Sight. Service for Sight is a foundation that helps the blind and visually impaired. According to Pohlabel, Delta Gamma has already raised enough money to fund four schools for the blind.
“Last year, DG gave $10,000 to a family whose daughter was born blind without eyes,” Pohlabel said.
Witt students can expect to see DG hosting other events this year such as DeltaGamburger and the sorority’s “Do Good” week on campus. As for the future of Anchor Splash, students should certainly expect to see it again.
“We were able to raise money for what we are passionate about, which in my mind constitutes absolute success.” Pohlabel said. “I can’t wait to see how it grows now that people know what it is.”

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