May 21, 2024

Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Although there is a solid definition, who’s to tell anyone what art is and what it should mean to them? We all have our own ways of interpreting things like painting, music, dance and literature. However, these diverse interpretations and opinions are what make art so beautiful.
I would consider each major a different art form here at Wittenberg: physics, the art of measurement, business, the art of networking and even foreign language, the art of complex communication. Each of us come to college with one goal in mind, to master one or multiple forms of art. However, how much appreciation do you truly have for other art forms outside of your own? It is imperative that you realize your art is influenced by other forms of art around at all times, whether you notice it or not. It could be a song you heard, a poem you read or a new dance move you learned.
Art is also referred to as a sense of harmony while containing multiple aspects. As we come to a final close on this school year, I want to challenge you all to be adventurous and indulge in a new form of art you have never truly attempted to appreciate. Seniors are showcasing their final works through plays, papers and presentations as they finish off their college career – these are perfect opportunities to investigate a new form of art.
Broaden your horizons and find a new niche as a first year, or respect an art form you chose to leave behind as an upperclassman for a different career path. Learning from other people’s skills is the best way to enhance your own and ultimately enrich your own form of art. Art is beautiful in the simplest form, but it is knowledge that is the most powerful form.

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