May 21, 2024

As the semester draws to a close, finals panic settles across campus and the desire for a break from the Wittenberg bubble finds its way across campus. Wittenberg students can find pleasure in packing up a car full of friends and heading over to Buck Creek State Park for a well-deserved break.

Although students will certainly need a car to get to Buck Creek, it is well worth the trip. As someone who has missed a great sense of the outdoors, Buck Creek provides that slice of woods and water that I have been sorely missing.

From an incredible view of the lake to a scenic drive through the various parts of the park, Wittenberg students will find something that fits their fancy. Especially for students who need a break from Wittenberg’s disc golf course, they can find an extensive one towards the back of the park that has a perfect view of the lake.

Although students aren’t going to have a boat on campus, they need to bring a bathing suit and relax right by the water. Bring a book that you were supposed to finish weeks ago and get caught up before the end of the semester brings a test on said novel.

The extensive grounds provide a series of long roads that provide a fresh breath of air, especially if students wish for a quick breather from the stress of final exams and projects. And for animal lovers, there’s sure to be a variety of both wildlife and dogs that will fulfill a student’s missing needs. For those lucky enough to have an animal on campus, bring them on over to Buck Creek and enjoy an afternoon playing with them.

Although Buck Creek would certainly fulfill an individual student’s desire to get off campus, the best way to enjoy Buck Creek is to fill up a carload of friends for the 12-minute drive to 1901 Buck Creek Lane. As the final weekend on campus and Reading Day approaches, students can’t go wrong with an afternoon trip to the lake tossing around a football, passing around a soccer ball or setting up a net to play volleyball.

Students who have a professor willing to try new things could lobby to have class at the lake. Not only will it provide a reason to get off campus, but it will provide a relaxing atmosphere that may help students to accomplish their last-minute assignments as classes begin to wind down.

So pack up the car, find an evening and head out to Buck Creek State Park. Whether students go with friends or by themselves, they will certainly find relaxation and fun on the expansive grounds of Buck Creek State Park.

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