July 18, 2024

Approaching the end of the school year, Wittenberg hosted its annual Wittfest concert on Saturday, April 22. The day was filled with multiple performances from bands and singers, free handouts and a solid group of marathon drinkers.

Due to a chance of rain, festivities were moved indoors and hosted at the HPER center. The concert started at 11:30 a.m. with WUJE. Other performances included Just Eve, Wittmen Crew, Ben Allen and more. The event lasted until about 11 p.m., finishing off with a headliner performance from 3OH!3.

3OH!3 are those two guys from Boulder, Colorado who filled our middle school years with a new wave of electronic music. If you didn’t remember these guys at first, I’m sure it sparked a memory once they played their hit single from 2008, “Don’t Trust Me.”

Becky Kirk, ‘19, was a fan of 3OH!3 in high school, and thought the duo started and ended the night strong.

“I think they struggled during the middle of their performance,” Kirk said.

When they started to play less popular and slower music from their archive, students began to lose interest.

“The concert just didn’t seem ‘special,’ and I was also tired by the time they came on,” Kevin Blackwell, ‘18.

Back out on campus, students and alumni roamed aimlessly from gathering to gathering as Alumni Way acted as an interzone. Without the concert on Stroughton Lawn, Alumni Way became a means of passage rather than a common area both sides of campus could use to come together.

Although anyone could probably walk around this entire campus in less than 15 minutes, for this observer, it was still disappointing that there was no middle ground for everyone to come together and the day felt disjointed.

This is usually a day of organized chaos, with a majority of students knowing what’s happening and where. It is possible that because the concert was not outside or in its rightful place in the middle of campus, fewer people were interested or forgot about the concert in general.

Maybe it’s just my post-Wittfest feels or this senioritis kickin’ in, but this Wittfest just felt a little off. It felt as though we were gathering in cliques rather than as one diverse student body. Regardless, it was a grand stress reliever before we come close to kicking off the start of finals and a great day of memories we can carry with us for years to come.


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