June 18, 2024

One of three captains for the Wittenberg Men’s Soccer Team, Jack Snider, ‘19, is ready for the Tigers to show everyone what they’re made of. For his third season, students can find him between the goal posts as the Tiger’s goalie sporting the number 1.
To prepare for his third season as a Tiger, Snider spent the summer lifting a few days a week and running the days when he didn’t lift. After arriving on campus to begin preseason, Snider and the other three captains decided to switch it up this year.
The team has started a lifting program for the entire season, and are currently running more efficient practices than ever before in an attempt to fully prepare for the season ahead of them. Part of the reason things are being switched up this year is because the team is working to “turn around” the team’s reputation.
They’ve started practicing harder and when asked about the team as a whole, Snider said, “This year’s team is different,” and the team is a good group of guys.
Having three captains could come off as being difficult, but Snider said that it works for him and fellow captains Andrew Yokum, ’17, and Cameron Ferguson, ’17. Snider said that all three captains have different talents that they bring to the field. If there is a specific situation that one captain may not specialize in, the other two can make up for it, so it works out well in the team’s favor.
When asked about how he felt about the first few games of the season being away, Jack sat back and pondered for a moment.
“The team will have to put in the extra effort,” Snider said, after a moment.
Without the home-team advantage and Wittenberg fans behind the team on the road, Snider said that the team was going to have to find the motivation within themselves.
Snider shared his excitement, saying that he was “ready to get back into the swing of things.”
When asked about coach Dwight Burgess, Snider said that he really likes his coach’s vision for the team and that his “plan will lead to success.”
Off the field, Snider is a chemistry major who, after graduation, hopes to find a job somewhere doing lab work, which will help people in some way. He hails from Beavercreek, Ohio, where his soccer career began.

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