April 13, 2024

What are three things you can’t live without and why?
“My Bible, where I get my wisdom from: family, everything I do is to make them proud, and healthy; when I’m healthy I can do whatever it is to be successful.” – Chris Riviere, ’19
“My three things I couldn’t live without would be my drive, sanity and love because it will help me be a better person, ability to think, speak and your heart is where your home is.” – Andrea McDuffie, ’19
“Food because there are so many different kinds and it makes you happy, music because it fills time and it makes you feel like you’re with people when you’re alone, and friendship because they are second from your family, sometimes first.” – Aache Gregg, ’20
“Three things I can’t live without are my music, Bible and mascara. Music because it can always put me in a mood, the Bible because Jesus is life and mascara because even if I’m wearing sweats, I still feel dressed for success with mascara on.” – Faith Mahnke, ’18
“My family, intelligence and food. My family are my biggest supporters, my intelligence is everything and knowledge is power. Then, food because you have to eat to survive.” – Jason Gregory Jr., ’19

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