March 1, 2024

High energy, a full crowd and full-of-life performers were all a part of the Pocket Lint show last Wednesday.
The improv group that has been around for about 20 years kicked off the semester with the group’s first show in Founders Pub. The performers, Emily Potin, ’20, Emily Harrison, ’18, Sarah White, ’18, and Stephen Ogden, ’19, started off the show with a game called “Four Square,” which required the performers to be set up like they would play the game Four Square, but two people at a time had to make up a scene. The performers acted as a gynecologist, Siamese twins, a mother-daughter relationship and even a scenario off of the TV show “Catfish.” All of the scenarios were chosen from the audience.
“You get to say, act out the weirdest things and be yourself,” Harrison said. “Like tonight, I was a stripper named Jewel.”
Following the first game, the group kept the crowd laughing by playing another one of its top games, called “Half Life.” This game was performed by Potin and Ogden. They performed a scene that was chosen by the audience and they had to repeat the scene in increments of one minute, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, etc.
The show consisted of a couple of other games like “Mrs. Todds Bloomers” and “Superlatives.”
“I thought it was a really good show for how small we are,” Harrison said. “I think we did really well.”
To keep the energy going, the group closed the show with the dating game. The game involved all of the performers. It consisted of three contestants and one bachelorette who appeared to be looking for love. The objective of the game was for the bachelorette to guess what person or thing the contestants were acting like.
“Tonight I felt good, I didn’t know this amount of people would come,” said Potin. “They could have been out partying or just chilling.”
A couple of audience members, Samantha Billstone, ’18, and Nick Tafoya, ’18, both enjoyed the show and can’t wait until the group gets more talented members.
Interested in joining Pocket Lint? Auditions are going on Sept. 6 in Kreig room 100 from 9-11 p.m.

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