March 1, 2024

As the academic year begins, returning Wittenberg students often find themselves eager to put names to the new faces on campus. As these new faces—both first-year students and transfer students alike—immerse themselves in college life, they bring with them some interesting characteristics.
According to the Office of University Communications, the class of 2021 is one of Wittenberg’s most diverse groups of admitted students. Geographically, students in the class come from 29 different states and eight different countries. The class also includes 155 multicultural students and according to Karen Hunt, Executive Director of Admissions, consists of a 26 percent minority student population–around the same percentage as other classes at Wittenberg.
Members of the class of 2021 are also diverse in their interests. The class includes 37 music scholars, and seven out of ten students in the class of 2021 have previously engaged in community service. Additionally, 75 percent of the class played at least one sport in high school.
“They are entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, environmental advocates and servant-leaders,” Hunt said. “Many are also passionate about social justice and have even founded organizations and committees to combat bullying, veteran suicide rates, sexual assault and drug abuse.”
In addition to first year students, the Wittenberg community also embraced 31 transfer students this fall.
Sophomore transfer student, Alexis Van Den Broek, recalls a poignant story about how she decided to attend Wittenberg. While Van Den Broek was initially accepted to Wittenberg during her senior year of high school, she was unable to accept the offer due to problems getting her student loan in time, leading her to enroll at Wright State University instead. While Van Den Broek attempted to make the best of her time at Wright State, even joining a sorority there, she found herself unhappy and with few friendships. Van Den Broek says that she made a promise with herself that if she couldn’t find a way to enjoy her time at Wright State by the end of her first year, that she would reapply to Wittenberg. Mid-spring semester though, Van Den Broek spontaneously reapplied to Wittenberg at three o’clock in the morning, and found herself re-accepted the very next day. Intending to major in early childhood education with a license to teach the fourth and fifth grades as well, Van Den Broek looks forward to friendships, family and new opportunities at Wittenberg.
“I could not imagine myself anywhere else. Witt is home,” Van Den Broek said.

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