May 19, 2024

MTV’s latest television installment, “Undressed,” has not shied away from asking the tough questions, including those regarding a person’s sexual involvement, gender preference and compatibility between couples.
Over the past few months, MTV has attempted to bring new shows to its viewers, focusing on removing contestants from the digital world and into a more natural and “real” world.
According to MTV’s website, “Undressed” is a “one-of-a-kind social experiment that strips away the distractions and superficiality of the digital world.”
After undressing one another, the contestants must climb into bed together and look at the screen in front of them. Each couple is prompted with questions or suggestions, anywhere from telling the couple to kiss one another, hug one another or ask one another who their last romantic partner was.
MTV, although typically focusing on sex related questions, does manage to bring about some tough topics that have populated today’s society, especially with the addition of a gay pairing, Blake and Devlin. In the third episode, Blake and Devlin make an appearance, and the topic of being transgender is brought to light, as Blake is transgender, unbeknownst to Devlin until the two get undressed. “Undressed” uses this opportunity to openly discuss stereotypes surrounding those who are transgender, while also bringing an informative light to the topic.
After the couple has talked for their brief half-hour meeting, the couples part over their respective sides of the bed and are prompted with a tablet reading “Yes or No.” It is then up to each individual to press the option of their choice, yes for wanting a relationship, no for wanting to say goodbye to the other.
At first, this show seemed rather intriguing, an idea that seemed to make sense to viewers. As the show progressed in its meager three episodes, the rest of which have yet to be aired, there bluntly appears a major flaw to the show’s design: only having a half-hour with one another.
As an experiment, half an hour with someone a contestant has never met before sounds like an ungodly amount of time, especially with the questions being asked. However, when couples get into intriguing conversations and topics, that half hour falls extremely short, leaving viewers with a host of unanswered questions.
During the couples’ conversations, MTV cuts away from the conversation to hear one contestant’s particular reaction, which takes viewers abruptly out of the conversation. Although it’s good to hear what the contestants are thinking as they talk to one another, it becomes hard to follow in some instances.
Although there are supposedly going to be six episodes aired for the first season, MTV did not air a new episode last week. Whether that’s to mean the show hasn’t done so well or not, there is no clear answer. The last mention of “Undressed” on MTV’s website and social media accounts is Aug. 31, over two weeks ago.
For students looking for an intriguing, personal conversation, than MTV’s “Undressed” is a good place to start. For those hopeful about possible meaningful conversations and reality of the show, then watching these meager episodes won’t do any good; students would be better off looking forward to MTV’s installment of “90’s House,” which premieres Sept. 26 at 11 p.m.

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